EggsFiles™ - Description    




EggsFiles™ Audit cloud service offers all the functionality needed to manage an intelligent, flexible, automated, paperless, digital Audit system. In 20 Years it has proven its tremendous value in highly demanding, high volume 365/24/7 environments, worldwide.


Serving government controlled organizations and leading companies (but also smaller companies) EggsFiles™ has matured into todays highly efficient, stable yet agile Audit (Cloud) service (click clients/implemented solutions for more details).

EggsFiles™ offers the functionality listed below (and much more):


Client relation management (CRM) & planning and handling of (audit) activities


  • Planning of activities  (inspections/audits) on locations;

  • Client Relation Management (CRM);

  • Archive of audits/inspections available during (field) inspections/audits on location;
    The complete, significant history of the inspected/audited location is always 'on board' even in environments without internet access or coverage.


Intelligent, dynamic & flexible data collection on location (in the field) through mobile devices


  • Easy to use and easy to learn. Inspectors/auditors need half an hour or less of (remote) instruction or instruction from a colleague before operation;

  • Data collection (in the Field) on tablets/laptops/UMPC's/smart [hones, etc. (real time or semi connected);

  • Multi lingual (see screen shots below), highly adaptive, intelligent, configurable and dynamic checklists ('Forms') which adapt dynamically and instantly to data being collected;

Screen shot below: EggsFiles running a Japanese checklist:


Screen shot below: EggsFiles running a French checklist:


  • EggsFiles™ runs anywhere, always (in the Cloud or 'semi-connected' in environments without internet coverage).


Paperless office environment


  • Paperless office environment around Audits. Two way storage of (large) binary file attachments (like - but not limited to - *.doc, *.xls, *.jpg, *.bmp, *.gif, *.png, *.mp3, *.mp4, *.wav, *.mpg, *.pdf, *.ppt, etc.) in the database.  Attached to planned activities attachments can be made available to (field) Auditors ('down stream'). Auditors can link one or more attachments (like pictures, video recordings, spreadsheets, pdf documents, etc.) to any collected data item ('up stream');

  • An Auditor with a mobile phone/tablet or other device with a camera can 'click and pick' pictures (or video recordings) to store with collected inspection data.


Rich Text document and certificate production & E-mail delivery


  • Multi lingual environment whereby production of documents is driven by the (administrative) language of the inspected/audited location;

  • Document and certificate production and automatic delivery through SMTP E-mail;

  • 'What You See Is What You Get' (WYSIWYG) document template management tools (including signatures, etc.);

Screen shot below: Document template management in EggsFiles :


  • Extensive data merge possibilities;

Screen shot below: Part of a letter produced from a document template through EggsFiles :


  • E-mail server integration for E-mail delivery to clients of inspection results, reports, certificates, letters, mailings, etc..


Work flow engine for intelligent back office functionality


  • Extensive work flow engine to set up highly intelligent and adaptive, dynamic work processes around inspections/audits;

  • Setup and maintenance of work flow and procedures related to field inspections
    With the powerful work flow engine a dynamic system can be configured and tuned for your inspection/audit process, including the automated planning of Follow Up activities (like Corrective Actions, supervisor evaluations, rich text document and certificate production and delivery through E-mail);

  • Highly intelligent configurable validation system to determine Follow Up activities (auto planning).

Powerful statistical analysis and reporting functionality


  • Licensees/market analysis

Screen shot below: Doughnut graph of # of companies per company type per country in EggsFiles :


  • Quality Statistics (Non compliance frequencies, etc.);

  • Operational Statistics (finalized activities);

Screen shot below: Bubble graph of # of activities per inspection type per month per year:
(spot the 'holiday dip' & 'end of year frenzy'):