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Fairtrade Max Havelaar Netherlands & Fairtrade Belgium
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to manage the Fairtrade audit and certification system for the Netherlands and Belgium

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[image]Companies Worldwide use the Fair Trade logo. To be eligible they must participate in a quality program whereby international criteria must be met which are set by Fairtrade International.



[image]EggsFiles™ to plan, manage and handle Fairtrade (field) audits

Fair Trade Max Havelaar in the Netherlands and Fairtrade Belgium use the EggsFiles™ system to plan and manage (field) inspections/audits which are performed  by inspectors on location with bearers of their Fairtrade Max Havelaar logos in the respective countries.


The flexibility of the EggsFiles™ work flow engine allows for a the set up of a sophisticated mix of responsabilities for back office handling (corrective action handling/management) and certification between 3rd party Analysts and Fairtrade Certifiers.

[image]The planning of (field) audits with Licensees is managed by a 3rd Party planner who plans activities for inspectors of multiple inspection companies performing inspections on behalf of Fairtrade.

Inspections are performed by 3rd party inspectors (of Peterson Control Union Group and CertiSys). Field inspectors use mobile devices (smart phones/tablets/laptops/umpc's) to exchange planning data and to collect inspection data in the field and exchange it over the internet between their device and the central data store. The inspection system is paperless.


Incoming Audit results are reviewed by Analysts at CertiSys'. The decision of the review by the [image] Analyst determines the final outcome of the audit.

Based on the outcome of the audit the system plans an Evaluation activity for the Fairtrade Certifier to avaluate the outcome of the audit (with the option to overrule) and authorize the creation and distribution (trhough e-mail) of letters, certificates, etc..

When necessary a Corrective action activity is planned for the 3rd party Analyst (the next step in the sanction cycle) until the next dead line passes or until the non conformance has been resolved, etc. (Warning, Suspension, Decertification).


 The 3rd Party officer in control of the planning can optionally attach any kind of file (a spreadsheet, photo, video, sound recording, Pdf/Word/Free Office document, etc.) in any number to the planned inspection/audit ('downstream') . The (field) inspector/auditor can easily link (upload) any kind of file in any number to any (data) item that is collected during the work process when handling a planned activity on location by the inspector/auditor. To say it easy, the inspector/auditor shoots a picture (or a video, etc.) and attaches it to the data item for upload to the central system.


Collected data is exchanged with the central database that is hosted by INCA (a Belgian ISP) over the Internet. On reception it is evaluated by the system (the work flow engine) and processed using the business rules that have been defined for the work processes that define the inspection system.

Back office driven by workflow engine


The results of the evaluations determine the next step(s) in the work flow process. Often this is the automatic planning of a corrective action activity and/or the generation of documents (letters, certificates, etc.) and/or their distribution through E-mail, FTP file uploads or web services. It depends entirely on the business rules that are defined in the work process of the activity (like an inspection/audit on location).

The set of Fairtrade licensing rules is extensive. The number of product groups is large, the number of products is immense. Suppliers (Bearers of the Logos) must comply to a large number of compliance rules. The large number of different product (groups) require very intelligent and highly adaptive work instructions ('Checklists' but more) for Inspectors in an ever changing Environment. Their data collection environment however is set up smartly and adapts to the situation on location. It flexibly changes the input forms to values of entered data. The Business rules are defined and maintained by the client in the System. It is obvious that data collected at a vegetable processing farm is quite different from data collected at a shoe factory. With EggsFiles this can all be achieved through the same work process that simply adapts during the data collection process (through highly intelligent definable actions and validation rules).


New product(s) (groups) are added daily to the international Fairtrade product line and the system must be able to 'keep up'. With our system this is a piece of Fairtrade cake. Local staff has been trained to setup and maintain the system completely. The system uses the defined business rules to drive all the back office activity (including automatic planning of new or follow up activities, delivering documents and certificates to predefined mailing lists, etc.).


The data processing side of the inspection system of Fairtrade Max Havelaar is complex. The forms in the field adapt to every situation and the data validation rules are quite complicated. Some of the data collected have no effect on the result of the audit. Others have little impact individually, but do matter 'in groups'. Some data items are 'critical' Items.


 EggsFiles™ configured for Fairtrade Max HAvelaar Netherlands and Belgium

Intelligent and flexible back office


The outcome of an audit (the 'Score') determines the next step in the work process. In case of Fairtrade Max Havelaar that next step might be sending out a letter (through the SMTP E-mail system, etc.) to the inspected site noting 30 days to comply or that the system plans a corrective action activity in the work queue of a colleague so that after 30 days it will not be forgotten that the site is due to comply and/or trigger the next phase in the work process.

The back office adapts to the (administrative) language of the sites visited by the inspectors/auditors.  In other Words if they speak (read) French then they’ll receive a French letter, if they speak (read) Dutch then they recieve a Dutch letter. All this, in the same work process. In other Words there is no need to set up different processes within the system for sites with varying (administrative) languages, etc.. This is a huge advantage for companies who operate internationally (or operate in countries where multiple languages are spoken like Belgium and Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.).

Project & system details


Project Base:

Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Clients Location:

Utrecht (the Netherlands) & Brussels (Belgium)

Hardware Location:

Brussels (Virtual server with ISP INCA) / Citrix Workstations

Development Tools:

Microsoft Visual Studio 201x, C#, ASP.net


Microsoft SQL Server

Coverage Area:

Netherlands & Belgium


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